A Proud Father I am

Hi, Im Andrew Shew. I am a father, husband, a teacher and an artist. I have two sons. One is in high school and one is in college. My two boys are grown up. Being a father, I realized that I have to spend more time to them, giving tips about life, education and girls. I got divorced since 1999. Finding time between family and work are somehow difficult. But I always take it as a challenge. Being a single father is challenging role.

I took fine arts in Animation and Visual Effects. I really wanted to pursue animation and visual effects since I was in high school.  I love my job and my work today. Showing my creations makes me proud of myself.  I guess my youngest son also plans to take up fine arts. He said I am his inspiration. I cried when I heard that words from him. A proud father I am.

I and my two sons lived here in Cornelia St, New York. Cool place I think. This house is from my auntie, she sold this house to me.  This house is old and I think it needs to renovate. I am planning to change some of the walls and windows to make it more comfortable and relax.  Good thing there is a Penguin Windows which may help me to improve my home.  To be honest, I always want a silent environment where I can expand my knowledge about artwork.